As we approach the end of the year, it’s been a time for reflection and winding down. However for some of our Community members, they are just starting their roles as our new community leaders! 

The Community Leadership programme is a volunteering scheme for apprentices to spend the next six months working on different projects that revolve around our community opportunities, such as blog content creation, event planning and running our apprentice networks! 

We have just welcomed our new community leaders to the team! They will be working across one of the six groups… 


Annabel May 

Annabel is currently working towards her Level 3 qualification in Business Administration at New Schools Network. A keen advocate of social enterprises, she enjoys fundraising and has been involved in the regeneration of a care home garden and has recently ran a half marathon to raise money for the British Heart Foundation. 

Billie Grey

Hi everyone, I'm Billie, I work as a Legal secretary apprentice at Reynolds Porter Chamberlain Law Firm. I am working towards my Level 3 in Business Administration and before my apprenticeship I was working as a sales associate at Victoria Secrets. A fun fact about me is I love all Disney films. 

Danielle Zamora

My name is Danielle Zamora and I am 19 years old. I work for Morgan Stanley as a Equity Research Client Analytics Associate. I am currently undertaking a Level 4 data analyst apprenticeship with Whitehat and I joined straight out of sixth form where I studied Maths, Economics and History. Fun fact about myself is that I come from a super sporty family. I played netball, reaching the schools national finals 2 years in a row.

Jess Liddy

My name is Jess Liddy and I am a Digital Marketing Apprentice at Google. Previous to my apprenticeship, I worked as a Junior Account Manager at a Digital Marketing Agency called Itineris. A fun fact about me is that I've been taking French lessons for the past few months and hope to spend some time in Paris in the future!

Jonathan Dookie

Hi I'm Jon! I am doing the L3 BA Apprenticeship and I am working for Unilever In Consumer Market Insights in our Marketing Function. Before my Apprenticeship I was allegedly on a gap year but with lack of travelling I did (because of corona) I'm not too sure if I can call it that haha! I am super bubbly and love meeting new people. A fun fact about me is that I love cows!

Joseph Grove

Hello, my name is Joseph Grove, I am 21 years old and I am from south London. I am currently on a Level 3 Digital Marketing Apprenticeship at Global Counsel. My main Job role is Email marketing, but I am also analysing data, researching keywords and I am going to start creating posts on Twitter and LinkedIn. A fun fact about me is that I built my own computer for the first time in less than two hours.

Ruby Mould

My name is Ruby Mould and I work at Digital Catapult as an Innovation Coordinator apprentice. I am studying towards a Level 3 Business Administration qualification. Before my apprenticeship, I was working at a plumbing company and before that I was travelling around South East Asia for 5 months. One fact about me is that I love to travel and can't wait to visit new places when we can, I would love to go to Jamaica!

Tatiana Elvy Gine

I’m Tatiana and I’m a Marketing Apprentice at Sky. I’m currently working towards a level 3 award in digital marketing. Before starting at Sky I took a gap year after dropping out of University! Fun fact about me is I have a 3 legged husky called Tilly

Tina Satta

Hi, I'm Tina. I work at Unilever as a Business Analyst in a team called Project Evolution within UniOps. I am currently working towards a Business Administration Level 3 qualification. Before my apprenticeship, I was studying for my A-Levels in Sixth Form. A fun fact about me is that I'd like to visit every corner of the world, travel to see all cultures.

Verity Marsterson

Hello! My name is Verity and I've been on the Software Engineering Apprenticeship with Sky for over a year now. My main role at Sky is an Android Software Developer (I help build the My Sky App for devices other than iPhones) but I'm also involved in Diversity and Inclusion and improving accessibility within Sky. Prior to joining the apprenticeship I worked in France and Brussels on tech policy. My fun fact is that being a music fan I've seen over 500 artists live, but, most importantly, the first gig I ever went to was to see S-Club 7.

Yasmin Nelmes

Partnership Associate apprentice at Thomson Reuters. Business Admin Level 3. Before my apprenticeship I worked in a Bridal shopping helping ladies find their dream dress for their big day. A fun fact about me is that I have been to 2 out of the 6 man made structures that can be seen from Orbit. The 2 being The Great Wall of China and The Palm, Dubai. 


Chris Little

I am the Energy Manager at Westminster City Council, enrolled on the People Leadership Programme (PLP). I've worked in energy in the public sector for about the past decade or so. Fun Fact: I was once an extra in a straight-to-TV movie for the TNT network (before I left the US) and I had the privilege of meeting and having lunch with none other than John Goodman. I will also be working in the Learning Products community leadership team.

Michael Messina

Hi my name is Michael, I am currently a business admin L3 apprentice at Unilever in our International department. Before Unilever I was a college student studying media. I am a guy in my 20s who loves all things nerdy.

Siham Hussain 

Hello! I’m Siham and I am currently a Google Digital Marketing apprentice. I am part of the Ads Marketing team which has been a sector I’ve always been keen on. I’m looking forward to seeing what this journey brings and start a rewarding career.


Amy Bowers

Hey, I'm Amy Bowers, currently on the Associate Project Manager Level 4 apprenticeship alongside my current role as Project Administrator. Before this apprenticeship I did a Level 3 Business Administration which I completed and passed last year. Before doing that I completed my A Levels in Business Studies, Economics and Sociology. During my spare time I love shopping and spending time with my friends. The (only) fun fact about me is I am the only person in my family who was born with blonde hair and blue eyes. 

Iva Koshova

I'm a HR Talent Management Apprentice at Morgan Stanley where I am currently within both the Early Careers and the Campus Operations Teams. I'm working towards a Level 3 BA Qualification. Before my apprenticeship I was working during my gap year out of sixth form. A fun fact about me is that I have both a cat and a dog.

Jasmine Pendrey

Hi everyone! I'm Jasmine and I am currently completing a level 3 business administration apprenticeship at Unilever. My role at Unilever involves working in data analytics. Before this apprenticeship, I was in school completing my GCSE's. So, I came straight from there to complete an apprenticeship rather than go to sixth form. One fact about me is that I love travelling and I am hoping to go skiing as soon as lockdown is over. 

Jo Eccleston

Hi! I'm Jo, I'm a level three business associate apprentice with Unilever, I work in Consumer Marketing Insights which is the data driven side to marketing. Before my apprenticeship I was managing a small bar and working as an events coordinator for a Newcastle based music venue. The idea of moving cities for my apprenticeship was daunting at first, but I'm so happy and comfortable in my role and have had nothing but support from my company and WhiteHat. My fun fact is that I can move my ears without touching them.

Akeem Wangeh

 I have spent the last year working in WhiteHat’s outreach team as the Education Partnerships Associate, focusing on attracting diverse talent to our fantastic range of programmes all whilst working towards a level 4 Project Management Apprenticeships! Prior to working for WhiteHat, I went to uni for a while to study Biomedical Science. Outside work I spend a lot time working with organisations looking to making social impact in the lives of vulnerable people, plus I’m a tech newbie 

Bibi Nubir

I am currently doing mt AAT Level 4 with Whitehat and work for a Charity Think Tank, Demos, as a Finance Assistant. Before my apprenticeship I worked for other charities as a Youth Worker and a Tutor to help and support young people in Education and Sports. A fun fact about me is that I am multilingual as I can speak more than 4 languages! 

Emily Roberts

Hi everyone, my name is Emily Roberts. I am currently an apprentice, working for the CMI Innovation team within the Unilever company. I am undertaking the level 3 business admin course and really enjoying the experience so far! Before my apprenticeship I was doing A Levels in Geography, English and Psychology and then got accepted onto the Whitehat programme.  A fun fact about myself is that I like to travel :)

Ruby Kaur

Hi! I'm Ruby, I work as a Knowledge Associate at Erevena. I completed my Level 3 Business Administration qualification earlier this year. Previously, I spent 15 months in a voluntary role for a nonprofit organisation where I assisted in the improvement activities leading to the development of their CRM database, engagement activities and casework management. I love Kdramas!


Learning Products

Ira Israel

Hi, I'm Ira, a BA3 apprentice and Assistant to the Commercial Team at UKTV. After college (and probably the summer holidays too) I started looking for an apprenticeship straight away whilst working a part time job. A fun fact about me is I love to learn new skills.

Kirsty Walden

Hi, I'm Kirsty and I just recently completed an apprenticeship with my employer EPAM working as an Assistant Project Manager while completing my Level 4 Project Management Qualification. Before my apprenticeship I worked across the fashion industry. A fun fact about me is that when I was a kid I wanted to be a marine biologist because of my love for animals and water.

Kirsty Walker

I'm a BSc (Hons) Economics and Econometrics with Placement Year 2020 Graduate, currently working as an Analytical Support Officer at NHS England and NHS Improvement. I am on the Data Fellowship Level 4 Apprenticeship at WhiteHat. In my spare time I enjoy making home improvements, doing a bit of DIY and everything interior design; Pinterest dashboards are great for creating and visualising future ideas or dreams.

Megan Jones

My name is Megan. I work at Unilever as a Business apprentice and I'm currently completing my level 3 Business apprenticeship. I had just finished college and then started on my role with Unilever. 

Nilogen Uthayakumar

Hi, I am Nilogen. I am currently doing the software engineering apprenticeship qualification at Publicis Sapient as one of their Associate Engineers. I used to work in retail before starting this qualification. Fun fact about myself, I can touch my nose with my tongue.


Amy Swindell

My job title is a Personal Assistant, I work for British Land and my apprenticeship qualification is Business Admin. Before my apprenticeship I was a chef for 7 years and a fun fact about myself is that I cooked dinner for Tom Hiddleston a couple of times at a restaurant I worked at.

Cecilia Tran

I am studying on a Business Administration apprenticeship while working at Ascential as the Talent Acquisition Coordinator. Before I began my role in January I was in the Events Industry working as an Events Bar Manager for nearly five years from the age of nineteen.

Fatma Jeilani

Hey Guys! I'm Fatma :) I am one of the new digital marketing apprentices at Google. The apprenticeship qualification I am striving to achieve is in Level 3 Digital marketing. Prior to landing this role I was a student at college preparing for my A Levels . A fun fact about myself is that I have an abnormal obsession with bubble tea. I absolutely love it!

Jacob Warwick

I work at Unilever as a Business Administrator level 3. I started in early September sitting within the brand experience team under marketing. Before my Apprentice I went travelling and managed to travel to Mongolia and Australia. 

Katie Martin

Katie is a L3 Business Admin apprentice at Salesforce. She prides herself on always trying whatever it takes to help another person and putting people before me and has a strong passion for helping anyone who needs this.

Millie Higginbottom

EMEA HR Solutions and Benefits apprentice at Morgan Stanley. Before my apprenticeship I was a student studying A Levels in PE, Business and Geography and worked two part time jobs, one at Tesco and one as a Junior Administrator. A fun fact about myself is I have played football since I was 9 and also like to coach my younger sister’s team occasionally.

Rebecca Mbendo

I am a Whitehat apprentice currently working at New Schools Network working in Finance and HR. I am currently doing a Business Associate Level 3 Apprenticeship. Before my apprenticeship I was studying Sports and Media and decided to have a complete career change. I also worked part time as a babysitter and did a couple retail jobs. A fun fact about me is that I am a huge marvel geek, I can watch their movies back to back without getting bored.

Salmaan Saeed

Hi my name is Salmaan and I am an 18 years old apprentice. I am an AAT Level 3 Apprentice working for SportPursuit, a rapid growth Performance wear ecommerce retailer working in the Accounts Payable Department. Before my apprenticeship I was a sixth form student. A fun fact about myself is my hobby which is cars and motorsport which I love to draw and illustrate.

Shaliza Anjum

Hi! My name is Shaliza. I am currently working at Tide as a Finance Apprentice. Prior to being a Finance apprentice, I was a full-time volunteer; fundraising for cancer research and working with children with special needs. Not a (fun) fun fact but I love painting!


Bilyana Balkanska

Bilyana is the Education Team Administrator at Capgemini and a level four Project Management apprentice at WhiteHat. Prior to that she attended university for a year and worked a part-time job. Her passions include sports, content creating and reading. 

Caxie Dagupen

I'm currently finishing off my Programme Management level 4 in programme operations at WhiteHat. Before my apprenticeship, I did the Business Administration level 3 in the role of the Executive Assistant to the CEO. I love sharing my journey from being offered a place in a top end sports university to do sports psychology as an international student to where I am now!  

Chloe Young

PDC Analyst Apprentice, Unilever, Level 3 Business Admin. Before this role I worked at Waitrose & Partners doing a number of different roles. Fun fact! I really enjoy travelling.

Preeti Kaur 

I’m Preeti Kaur, a 20 year old Digital Marketing Apprentice working at Google working in Large Customer Sales! I'm taking the Level 3 Digital Marketing qualification this year. Before my apprenticeship, I was volunteering and working in start-ups and charities, with a particular focus on social media marketing.  A fun fact about me is that I sing and play instruments online! I’ll also be working in the Learning Products leadership team.

Richard Alpapara

- Digital Marketing Apprentice @ Scope
- Qualification: Level 3 Digital Marketing Apprenticeship
- Work placement at a youth marketing agency, Livity, to work on a mock brief to boost youth turnout in the 2019 UK General Election
- Got interviewed and featured on BBC Radio4 for a random post I wrote on Reddit about personal finance

A huge welcome to the Community Leadership team! 

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