Starting 2021 with Intention and Impact - Multiverse Community Team Shares their Goals

The start to this year may not have been what we expected, but we’re still hopeful that goals and motivation will maintain throughout the following months…

Continuing on with our January theme, our Community team shares their goals for “starting 2021 with intention and impact”. 

Chloë Meyronnet

One of my goals for 2021 is to complete a yoga practice every single day. Yoga is something that I love, but have previously skipped because I felt too overwhelmed or tired. Which is silly, because every time I finish a practice I feel less overwhelmed & tired - and this helps me show up better in my personal and professional life. A previous mentor used to tell me, 'You always have time for the things you put first.' So I'm making yoga one of my daily priorities this year. You can all hold me accountable!

Alice McDonnell 

My intention for this year is to be more intentional (!!) with how I spend my time in order to deliver more impact for my team and the WhiteHat Community - moving from a reactive, and busy calendar, to creating more space for thinking, planning & innovating.

Zahra Behzadi

My intentions for this year are very much centred on mental wellbeing, which I know has material impact on my day to day. I'm going to be setting aside time every morning to meditate ahead of my day starting, and time in the evening to decompress by exercising. I'm also forcing myself to get outside during the day, even just for 10 minutes. My hope is that all of this will help me feel reinvigorated and ready to take on the challenges 2021 will throw my way!

Jack Cooper

My goal for 2021 is to read more. I have neglected reading the past few years and tend to pick up a book only on holiday. Last year was my worst yet with maybe one book read, although I’m not even confident I achieved this.
Why? To step away from my phone, be exposed to the world that’s outside of my own life, and help me write more confidently and coherently.
How? Spend a minimum of 15 minutes every day with my nose in a book.

Naaman Brown

My goal for this year is consistency in everything I do. A lot of us start the year with really good intentions but don't carry it through past the first month. This year I've gone for smaller targets, so it's more likely I'll be able to consistently keep them up - like small changes to my diet, 30 mins of activity a day and a two book per month reading goal.

Frankie Spivey

Impact/Intent: My goals are to prioritise self care to be the best version of me. I also want to upskill myself and learn coding, alongside developing my current bakery business, which in turn will have a great impact on both my personal and professional life

Theo Oulton

In 2021, professionally I aim to continue developing my leadership and management skills. I love and gain so much from reading, but nearly always I read fiction. Beginning with Simon Sinek "Start with Why?", I am going to proactively read more books and articles to develop my leadership and management skills this year. Recommendations welcome! 

Personally, I aim to get back playing football more regularly following a nasty injury 5 years ago. I am going to use this latest lockdown and the extra time it affords me in the mornings and evenings without a commute to proactively rehab my injury, so that I am ready to play once the pitches open up again!

Jamilah Simpson

My goals for reaching success in 2021 using intent and impact are…

  • Work on more creative projects (both at work and personally)
  • Be more active (keeping fit during lockdown isn’t as easy as I thought!)
  • Continuing running our community programmes and working with apprentices to ensure they gain the best experience possible for skills development
  • Build my personal brand online and offline by networking with as many new people as I can

What are some of your goals to reach intention and impact for success in 2021? We’d love to hear from you by commenting your thoughts below!

We have an upcoming event on January 20th that will help you pin-point your future goals - The Power of Framing & Visualisation workshop. Register to attend here!

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