Hey Gabriella! Tell us a little about yourself and your apprenticeship with Multiverse?

I am 21 and a foodie! I love to cook and bake as well as go to the gym so I don't feel guilty when I eat loads of food haha! I am an ex-chef, corporate travel consultant & recruiter. I have been through so many industries (more than listed) and I feel I have found the best one for me. I started my apprenticeship in March 2021 due to finish in September 2022. I am undertaking the Level 3 Business Administration Apprenticeship whilst working at Publicis Media UK, working within the UK Business Development team. 

How have you found it so far? 

So far it has been amazing but very overwhelming. The world of Advertising and Marketing is a new world to me, so I have been learning so much each day. COVID allowed me to research as well as explore different industries. Multiverse enabled me to pursue a career within a sector I discovered I had a lot of interest in. Publicis Media is a fantastic company to be working for, my team is lovely as well as everyone else I have virtually met. The culture of the office is very connected, both virtually and in person. We all work together as we believe teamwork is vital for our roles. Everyone I have crossed paths with has let me know if I ever need anything, to just ask them! Which is so lovely to hear. 

Tell us about some of the key learnings and skills your Multiverse apprenticeship has equipped you with that you apply to your role?

My coach has been brilliant, she has given me so much confidence and advice. Our cohort zoom calls have enabled me to understand how a business operates more in-depth. From learning about mission and vision statements to micro and macro environmental factors businesses face daily. 

How has being a part of the Multiverse Community helped you so far? (any memorable moments etc)

I have been able to talk to current and ex apprentices about their experience. With ones who have done/doing the same apprenticeship as me, it has been nice to get advice on things I struggle with and vice versa. It is nice knowing many others are in the same position as me, that are working in a completely different industry to what we're used to as well as studying alongside our day-to-day work-related responsibilities. 

A Multiverse apprenticeship aims to deliver skills of lifelong learning, networking, and opportunities to connect with like-minded individuals. How are you using the Community to help you in your career? 

The community has allowed me to meet other apprentices, I have attended various events. From a morning fitness class to the empowering woman series and speed networking! As well as many more. The community is more than what I expected, it is a great platform for all us apprentices, no matter the age, background, and job title to connect. We can all say we share one similarity, and that is being a Multiverse Apprentice (or ex-apprentice). But once you speak to people more, you do find out you share more than just being an Multiverse Apprentice, which enables you to create even better connections! 

Finally, what are your top 3 tips for other Multiverse apprentices?

Ask loads of questions, be confident, and don’t be afraid to slip up! 

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