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Becoming a Champion

Elevate’s Champion pathway is all about making your voice heard and advocating for the views of others. It focuses on skills like community building, developing a personal brand, and giving and receiving feedback. These skills are built via workshops, networking opportunities and more – as well as applying them within the Multiverse community.  

Rhianne Muir is one of our Champion Elevate apprentices, and shares her reasons for joining Elevate below.

Why did you decide to join the Champion pathway?

Rhianne Muir: This is important to me because in the world I come from, you’re taught to be grateful for every opportunity, and to keep your head down and your bum up – always.

Now this isn’t bad advice at all – especially when getting experience under your belt. But moving through the professional ranks as a working-class person has meant that I’ve often lacked role models, felt scared to ask for more, and struggled to build the confidence I see come so naturally to others. And as someone who always focused on just getting by, it also meant that I’ve failed to recognise my leadership skills. 

My Multiverse apprenticeship has hammered home that leadership doesn’t have to be stuffy – and that my background and my vulnerability are not only valid, but desirable leadership traits. It’s pushed me to make myself uncomfortable, speak up more, and equipped me with the bravery to motivate and lead my team with intimacy. 

Now I am ready for more. 

The definition of champion is “a person who vigorously supports or defends a person or cause”, and that’s why I joined Elevate – to give me the tools to bring others up the ladder with me and support people, like me, who might not have the role models and mentors they need. 

Influencing your networks

The Influence Elevate pathway is all about making your mark and, as it says in the name, influencing others. As a team we focus on how we can change people’s perceptions and attitudes regarding apprenticeships through engagement and outreach. We are in essence the face of multiverse - representing the apprentice community in PR and external facing events. We get to develop skills such as Public Speaking, Presenting, building Confidence, and how to refine our personal brands whilst increasing our professional profile.

Two of our Influence team, Gabriella Thomas and Jon Dookie, also share their reasons for joining Elevate.

Why did you decide to join the Influence pathway?

Gabriella Thomas: The reason I chose to join the ‘Elevate Programme’ specifically the ‘Influence’ pathway was me wanting to become more confident in public speaking. I may seem like a very confident person to my family and friends but, when it comes to speaking up in a meeting or in front of even two people I do not know, I tend to mess up everything I want to say. I panic, overthink, and just stress! All my words mess up and come out how they shouldn’t… which in my eyes is not a good thing. So, over the next six months I will be able to not perfect but push myself to become more confident in public speaking. The Elevate Programme will provide me with lots of opportunities to do this, and I am very excited for what's to come!

Jon Dookie: I am Jon and I am a member of the Elevate team on the Influence Pathway! I was previously an Outreach Community Leader and I wanted to continue to influence others and raise awareness of apprenticeships and Multiverse as an organisation. I am passionate about apprenticeships because it has given me access to so many opportunities and different resources. So many people have misconceptions around apprenticeships and I want to be a part of breaking down the barriers. I enjoy public speaking and being able to influence others and joining this Elevate pathway gives me the opportunity to continue learning and developing these skills. Demonstrating leadership is a skill that I thoroughly enjoy and naturally excel at; being a part of Elevate gives me the chance to keep developing that.

Engage to Help Each Other Succeed

Who better to help apprentices grow and develop than apprentices themselves? That’s what the members of the Engage pathway are here for. Harnessing their creativity and communication skills, they will be researching and planning to provide you with the best resources based on your interests and needs. 

To kick off, two of the incredible Engage team, Mike Williams and Eelinn Vanquaethem, wanted to share their reasons for joining Elevate. 

Why did you decide to join the Engage pathway?

Mike Williams: I’m interested in helping find ways in which apprentices can learn from each other, and benefit from each other’s experiences and insight.

Eelinn Vanquaethem: Explaining learning objectives and listening to my friends doing the same was a great resource to help me study at school. It taught me that by supporting each other we can succeed. This is what the Engage pathway is all about and why I wanted to play a big part in it. I am now looking forward to sharing my experiences, learning from others, and putting some great resources together with your help.

What is your top tip for fellow apprentices?

Mike Williams: Multiverse provides an APM guide which covers much of the academic material needed to pass the exam. The challenge for apprentices is to gain access to the experiential knowledge from people who have been there and done it! I’d recommend three things: 

  1. Engaging with the Multiverse special guest speakers, whose talks are advertised on the Community site.  
  2. Contribute to the Multiverse Forum – raise questions, talk about your own experiences and ask for insights from people who may have experience in a particular area. 
  3. Try and befriend project managers in your own organisation, and see if you can spend a bit of time shadowing their work or talking to them. 

Eelinn Vanquaethem: Ask each other for help! Even though we’re all doing an apprenticeship, we all have many different experiences and skills on the job and in life. I’ve gotten some of the best OTTJ resources from fellow apprentices, so I highly recommend doing the same. Simply send a private message or ask for help on the main feed on the Community Hub. 

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