Managing your OTJ / Professional Practice - Melane Inthiraraj

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Hi Melane! Can you start by telling us a little bit about yourself?

Hi, my name is Melane Inthiraraj, I'm 26 years old and I work at JDX Consulting Limited. I'm a CMI rising to leadership and I started my People Leadership apprenticeship in June 2021.
We know that OTJ can be a tough one for our apprentices, can you explain how you managed your OTJ? 
I have recently gained a new junior reportee within my team at work as well as being their career manager - therefore, I am able to utilise all aspects of training as OTJ. Due to the nature of my role within the company - there is always something new to pick up as well which then leads me to shadowing or utilising skills I am learning on the programme to be applied in my day to day work. We tend to have a lot of new joiners therefore networking and having introductory meetings/sessions is a key part of our role and core to the business. I ensure I block out time in my work calendar to ensure that I am able to prioritise OTJ learning as well as any workbook or related activities. The key to tracking is to just log it in straight away or I tend to reflect at  the end of the day or each week to look back and see what could be applicable to OTJ and what should not be.  

As a People Leadership apprentice, can you give us examples of how you completed your OTJ in the following categories:

Applied Learning 

  • Workplace Training for new joiners

  • Collaborative Sessions 


  • I have signed up to Community Events to further develop my knowledge so this can be applied in my day to day role 

Do you have any tips or tricks for fellow People Leadership apprentices who may be currently struggling to keep on top of their OTJ?
The earlier the start the easier it is to stay on top of this - as I have attended an event on OTJ and a few peers on there stated how they did not keep on track at the beginning and now it is a difficult task in trying to catch up. 
Capture everything which you may think is relevant - you can always go through your log in your 1:1 coach sessions to ensure you are capturing OTJ accurately. 


For more tips and tricks on how to build your OTJ / Professional Practice, take a read of our Guide!

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