We couldn't have got to where we are today without you, so as part of our community, we wanted to share these exciting announcements with you first. We’ll go on to talk about exactly what each of these mean for you, but in a nutshell:

– We’re exploring new horizons by launching in the US
– We’ve raised a new funding round which will help us invest in our company and community
– We’re changing our name from WhiteHat to Multiverse

We address some of the important questions you might have at the end of this post!

Last year, despite the challenges of COVID, we grew rapidly while strengthening our apprenticeships. In fact, our community tripled in size during 2020. We’ve been thinking about how to continue this success into this year and how we can keep building the outstanding alternative to university and corporate training.

New horizons
We’re kicking off the new year with a bang, and launching into the US. Over the last few years in the UK, we’ve helped people by offering an alternative to university and corporate training that opens up many different paths to career success. Now we want to take all the great things we’ve learnt here, and use them to open opportunities to people across the pond. Which means soon you’ll be part of a global community of like-minded trailblazers that’s growing every day. 

New funding 
Another piece of good news is that all of our hard work has attracted some attention and we’ve just received our Series B funding. We’ve raised $44m – the largest venture sum ever for a UK EdTech company – from leading investors to continue our mission and change the world of work and learning. That means we’ll be investing in our company, and more importantly, our community. Our goal is to support you and everyone else who led the charge in choosing an apprenticeship, whatever your stage of life. 

New name
The last announcement we’ve got is that we’re changing our name from WhiteHat to Multiverse. The inspiration for WhiteHat came from computer hacking for good. While we spent four successful years hacking the system, we were only just getting started. As Multiverse, we're building a pathway to a life of learning. Inspired by the theory that there’s an infinite number of alternative universes, Multiverse communicates our belief in launching limitless possibilities.
Phew. That’s it for now! We’re super excited to share all of this incredible news with you. We know it’s not been an easy time for everyone, but thank you for joining us on this awesome journey. We’re looking forward to the next chapter of Multiverse and we hope you are too.





1) Who can I tell?
You’re one of the first to find out - but feel free to share the news with anyone now!

2) Does this change anything for my programme? 
No, we are still the same company. Your coach will remain the same. The Learning Management System, Appli.ed, will be branded Multiverse but some of the content will refer to us as WhiteHat. This will remain unchanged for a short period of time.

3) Can I still use the same email address to contact my coach and anyone else at WhiteHat I have contact with?
Yes, you can still reach your coach via the @WhiteHat.org.uk email address. All employees’ inbound emails will be redirected to the new email address. We recommend that you start to use the new email address for the future which will be name.surname@multiverse.io

4) Will I still have access to the WhiteHat Learning portal (Appli.ed)? 
Yes you will. Any previous WhiteHat links or bookmarks you may have created will automatically redirect you the same page under the new brand domains.

5) Will I still have access to the Community Hub website and app? Do I need to update my bookmarks?
Yes! You can continue to access the Community Hub with your existing login details. If you have any bookmarks, you will be automatically redirected to our new domain. It’s still a good idea to update your bookmarks so you can load the Hub faster. 

The app will be down for maintenance for 2-3 weeks from the 19th Jan 2020. You will need to download the new Multiverse Community app when it’s ready. We will send you an email update very soon.

6) I can’t see newsletters or emails about my programme anymore - what’s happened?
We’re still sending out emails as normal! However, as we’ve just changed our domain name, your email provider might not recognize us just yet. If you can’t see any emails from us, check your Spam folder, and make sure you unmark any Multiverse emails as Spam.

7) Do I need to inform my employer?
We’ve already sent an email to your company and line manager explaining the change. If they would like to hear more about the name change, please do direct them to the Multiverse Linkedin page, their Multiverse relationship holder, or ask them to email info@multiverse.org.uk

8) Should I update my CV? Will potential employers have heard of Multiverse?
On your CV, you can list your apprenticeship provider as Multiverse (formerly WhiteHat). Most employers would have heard about Multiverse. 

9) Do I need to change anything on my LinkedIn?
If you’ve listed us as an employer or education provider, our name will have updated automatically. You might want to check your profile to see if you’ve made any further references to WhiteHat and update these to Multiverse!

10) Help! I can't access Appli.ed or see any emails from Multiverse even in my spam folder.
Don't panic! This just means your employer needs to whitelist our new domain. Please let your coach know and they will pass it onto our Customer Success Team, who will sort it out with your employer.

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