Not much fuel left in the tank? How to keep on top of your apprenticeship

As a full-time apprentice, we understand that programme requirements can make you feel as though you have extra pressure to deal with on a daily basis. Particularly in lockdown, the responsibilities of family life and remote working, alongside maintaining your personal wellbeing can leave you feeling drained.  So how can you keep on track with your apprenticeship requirements when life is a lot? We call it operating in ‘low power mode’:

Keeping up with 20% OTJT in low power mode:

When you feel low power, your 20% OTJT (off the job training) can quickly get away from you. Logging those training hours is something easy to let slip and hard to catch up. But keeping on top of this requirement can be easier than you think!

As curious and engaged professionals, many of your weekly activities could likely count as part of your 20% OTJT. Some quick ways to contribute to this requirement are:

  • Participating in Multiverse Community events and programmes
  • Listening to podcasts, watching online talks or tutorials, and reading articles, blogs or books relevant to your industry. You might already do this on a lunchtime walk or coffee break, but it can be easy to forget that it counts as 20% OTJT! Take a look at some recommendations from our Data coaches here.
  • Individual study time – whether it’s to complete coursework or review modules.
  • Being mentored through a formal scheme (e.g. the Multiverse Mentoring Programme!) or even by a more senior colleague at work.
  • Delivering a Lunch & Learn or knowledge sharing session at work. (Learn more about sharing best practice in our event recording here)
  • Completing workplace reflection diaries. 
  • Work shadowing with a colleague/mentor - this can still happen virtually e.g. if you listen in on a meeting.
  • Research tasks e.g. to gain new knowledge of your industry.
  • Virtual delivery/coaching sessions.
  • Workplace learning and development programmes that relate to your apprenticeship.
  • Participating in competitions or hackathons relevant to your industry.
  • Workplace 1-2-1 performance reviews with your line manager.


Beyond OTJT

Talk to your Coach:

Each Apprenticeship Programme is different. Your Coach can help you to understand which curriculum requirements are flexible, and which are core priorities for keeping you on track. Whether it is booking a shorter drop-in slot, extending assignment deadlines, or delaying one of your objectives, your Multiverse Coach can work with you to help reduce pressure until you are back at 100%.

Be open with your business:

We always recommend having a chat with your line manager and an HR contact too - internal support can make all the difference, even if it's a couple of study days here and there!

Make wellbeing a part of it:

Incorporating activities such as reflective learning and self-evaluation can help recharge your batteries AND contribute towards your 20% OTJT requirement. Combining apprenticeship requirements and wellbeing exercises can be a great way to recharge while tackling items on your apprenticeship to-do list. 

Remember, you are not alone. Your Multiverse Community is a group of peers who understand the pressures of balancing an apprenticeship alongside other priorities. Do you have any tips to stay on top of your apprenticeship? We would love to hear them in the comments below!

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