Can Hub Profile Completion Lead to Increased Community Connections?

Do you have a complete, up-to-date Hub profile? If the answer is no, then you may be missing out on a key opportunity to connect and network with other Community members! 

Multiverse Community members are united by the belief that we go further together. We are all architects of this Community: we practice the art of asking for and giving support. Every contribution is unique and valuable, and each member’s knowledge, perspective, support and skills elevate our collective success - and it's because of this that we've improved the functionality of the Hub Profile - ensuring it can be used as a tool to showcase your own skillset as well as your goals for growth. 

Your Community Hub profile provides an opportunity for you to showcase who you are, and serves as a key tool to help you start to build meaningful connections with fellow Community members. With a fully up-to-date profile, you are providing your fellow Community members with a snapshot of who you are, making it easier than ever to discover like-minded Community members.

Let's take a deep dive into the Hub profile!


Basic Information - Ensure your ‘About’ statement is a true reflection of who you are: this could include your current role and organisation, and who you’re hoping to connect with on the Community Hub! 

Ensure your Apprenticeship Information is also complete, this is a great chance for both Multiverse on-programme apprentices and alumni to clearly see what qualification you are working towards. 

Goals and Skills - Multiverse Community members are united by the belief that we go further together. We are all architects of this community. 

This area of your profile is where you can showcase what you’re hoping to gain from being a member of the Multiverse Community, we practice the art of asking for and giving support. Every contribution is unique and valuable - each member’s knowledge, perspective, support, and skills elevate our collective success. 

It’s important to include all the skills that apply to you. This way, you’ll increase the likelihood of appearing to members who are searching, meaning your chance to build meaningful connections increases.  

LinkedIn Integration - The handy LinkedIn integration button allows you to link your LinkedIn profile to your Hub profile, saving you time and effort filling in your work history and experience!

Members Section

This is a great place to head to if you’re looking to connect with other Community members who have certain skills you would like to learn more about. The easy filtering functionality means you’ll be able to see who in the Community can help, by searching for their Company, Current Role, Qualification, Skills etc! 


You now have the option to add documents to your personal Portfolio on the Hub. Your portfolio is public to the broader Multiver Community only, and accessible via your personal profile, so if you want to showcase your past work, notable achievements, or presentations, add them to your portfolio! 

The Loom video below shows you how to navigate this part of the Hub:

If you have any questions about how to get the most of your Hub profile, then please get in touch! 

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