Welcome to 'My Multiverse', the new blog series that shines a light on the diversity of our Community members. 'My Multiverse' explore's the personal stories of our Community members whether that be about climbing the corporate ladder, overcoming adversity or how their Apprenticeship has shaped them.  You can read our very first edition below:

Hey Will! Tell us a little about yourself and your apprenticeship with Multiverse (your organisation, when you started, when you finished and what programme you were undertaking?).William Laven

Sure thing! My name is William Laven and I am a Business Admin alumni. I started my apprenticeship in March 2019 at a company called Publicis Media. In my role I manage and book different advertising campaigns for Procter & Gamble. Whilst completing my BA apprenticeship I started off being a Hacktivist in the community. (If you are an OG, you know what a Hacktivist is), in that role I made my way up to become the community leader for the community hub. 
When it came to finishing my apprenticeship we were at the start of the first lockdown. It was so weird having my Gateway meeting on Zoom and taking all my exams virtually. The sad bit was that I couldn’t celebrate my results with my team however we still made a big deal of it virtually.

What are you up to now? 

Since completing my apprenticeship I got promoted to Operations Executive in my role. This has given me way more responsibility and growth in the company. I am also the Publicis Media ambassador for enABLE which is Publicis Groupes network for visible and non visible disabilities in the workplace. I am still active in the community however my work commitments were my priority so I had to step back from my role.

I am very passionate about raising awareness for neurodiversity in the workplace and stammering. I have had my stammer my whole life and over the last year I have been working with Action for Stammering Children who I am a ‘Stambassador’ for, I raise awareness in the press and in general. My role as a Stambassador is to help inspire young people who are transitioning from education to the workplace and are afraid of how the big working world will portray their stammer.

I have been blown away by the coverage and my story has been featured in the BBC News, ITV News, Telegraph, Metro, Daily Mirror & Daily Express, Happiful and more! It has even been featured in India & Brazil. I am working with a PR agency called Belle PR who are helping me spread my story and get some incredible coverage. 

I have also just launched a new podcast called Stammer Stories. In this podcast I talk to people who stammer, people who work in the field or people who have a general interest in the topic. I want to make a difference and inspire those who are struggling with a stammer to know that nothing is impossible!

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Tell us about some of the key learnings and skills your Multiverse apprenticeship equipped you with that you apply to your role now? 

This is a tough question. One of the key things my apprenticeship has taught me is to never say no to an opportunity. I have really pushed myself to do new things because of this and there is so much out there on the community hub that can help me in my role.

Next point is NETWORKING! I was rubbish at networking however the community really helped me to network. I have met so many incredible individuals from my apprenticeship but also you never know how they may help you in the future. 

I told my coach Neda that my time management skills needed improving and the first thing she showed me was Trello. Trello is a marmite tool for some apprentices but I love it. I still use it to this day now (even used it in my project).

How has being a part of the Multiverse Community helped you whilst you were on-programme? (any memorable moments etc)

I honestly don’t think that my apprenticeship experience would have been the same without being part of the apprentice community. Because of my stammer I was quite shy and I avoided any big public speaking arrangements or even surrounding myself with new people. This is why I wanted to join to be able to push myself.

The great thing about the Multiverse Community Team is that if you have an idea they will never say no, they find an alternative but if they think your idea is possible they will help you do it. I had a thought that I would love to Interview Euan & Sophie for the apprentice community and future apprentices, I thought this would be incredibly tough to secure however it wasn’t! It was so much fun and I think a massive highlight.

Another memory was recording an Amplified episode with Jonathan Saccone Joly, one of the biggest YouTubers in the UK. It was so much fun and so interesting to hear his story about not going to University and his ADHD. 

A Multiverse apprenticeship aims to deliver skills of lifelong learning, networking, and opportunities to connect with like-minded individuals. Now, as a Multiverse Alumni member, how are you using the Community to help you in your career? 

As I have previously mentioned, I have really made the most from networking with the community. That could be from meeting new apprentices on the hub or reaching out to guests who have come on to events. For example I reached out to someone who hosted a creativity workshop and she is now a guest on my podcast. Another one was Nicky Kelvin, I reached out to him after the Amplified episode and now we are connected on LinkedIn and have exchanged emails with each other.

I also think that the different workshops are super helpful as well. For example one thing lots of people have told me to do is write a journal and I joined the Journal workshop and it has really helped me in the right direction for work and for personal hobbies. 

Finally, what are your top 3 tips for Multiverse apprentices who are currently on-programme?  

  1. If you have a question about your coursework, ask your coach!
  2. Join a variety of different events on the hub - you will meet so many people! 
  3. Enjoy every minute and remember that if you are struggling everyone on here knows what you are going through! 

Check out Will's podcast 'Stammer Stories' on Spotify, Apple, Instagram or Twitter!

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