Hey Amie! Tell us a little about yourself and your apprenticeship with Multiverse?

Hey! So I’m Amie, I’m 22 and I live in South-East London. I started my Level 4 Data Analytics apprenticeship in November 2020, working with Citi as a Client Experience Transformation Analyst. I am due to finish in May 2022, potentially going on to do the Advanced Data Fellowship. This is my second apprenticeship with Multiverse; I completed my Level 3 Digital Marketing apprenticeship in April 2020 when the world was very strange indeed! 

How have you found it so far? 

Since this isn’t ‘my first time at the rodeo’ I already knew how amazing Multiverse apprenticeships are. I also knew that starting a new job from home was always going to be strange. I’d say that it’s been challenging, both in terms of navigating the steep learning curve independently and the actual course content. Prior to this, I wouldn't consider myself mathematically inclined at all and have never worked in the finance industry. But the challenge has been extremely refreshing and a very welcome distraction from the madness that is this pandemic. 

Tell us about some of the key learnings and skills your Multiverse apprenticeship has equipped you with that you apply to your role?

Before working from home, I thought I was super organised. Boy… it’s a whole different ball game from managing your time in an office. Multiverse online workshops have helped me to be so much more disciplined, productive and intentional with how I use the time within my working day. 

Also the ‘bootcamp’ training sessions from our data coaches have taught me technical knowledge such as data-wrangling and SQL coding. We also do ‘Hackathons’ in which we are encouraged to collaborate with the apprentices in our cohort to produce analysis of real-life data. This was such a fun day, and allowed us to apply our learning to answer questions such as ‘If a country hosts the Olympic Games, do they get more medals that year?’.

How has being a part of the Multiverse Community helped you so far? (any memorable moments etc)

In these isolating times, I love how the Community brings apprentices together, in addition to exposing you to new perspectives and experiences. Everyone is working and studying at the same time so Multiverse feels like a University, especially now that it has grown so much. My highlights would be the ‘Failure Celebration’ Event in December 2020,  the book swap, the weekly 30-minute journaling workshops, and I’m so excited for Drag Bingo at the end of June 2021! There’s something for everyone on the Community Hub.

A Multiverse apprenticeship aims to deliver skills of lifelong learning, networking, and opportunities to connect with like-minded individuals. How are you using the Community to help you in your career? 

I have been participating in the Multiverse Mentoring Programme for about 6 weeks now and it has been outstanding for my personal growth. The Community Hub team worked so hard to match apprentices up with like-minded mentors, so both sides can get a lot out of the weekly sessions. I can ask my mentor about her experiences. how to excel in a particular skill, or how she managed a difficult situation, and I feel more equipped to take the best action. 

Finally, what are your top 3 tips for other Multiverse apprentices?

  1. Your portfolio will probably take longer than you think! Start it early and take screenshots while you work. It will save you a lot of grief and back-tracking when it comes to the write-up.
  2. Don’t be afraid to ask for help or make mistakes. Now is the time!
  3. Get to know your colleagues as people. You will communicate a lot better as a result.

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