Hey Sandra! Tell us a little about yourself and your apprenticeship with Multiverse (your organisation, when you started, when you are due to finish and what programme you are undertaking?).

Hi! My name is Sandra Clark and I work at InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) based in Denham in the UK. I’ve worked at IHG for just over 9 years where I began as a Coordinator in Audit. A few years ago I moved roles, becoming Project Manager for our risk management systems which is where I still reside, although I am now additionally developing our data management capability into the role.
As such, I leapt at the chance to get involved in the Data Analytics apprenticeship which I started in March 2021. I am studying for “Level 4 Data Analysis: Data Concepts & Data tools” which runs through to around July 2022.

How have you found it so far? 

In a word, fantastic!

I have found the entire process extremely engaging and a totally personalised experience. The programme content is comprehensively leading me through from the basics, to theory, to application (and I’m only 2 modules in!). Individual ‘bootcamps’ are providing me with intensive training on use of data analytics tools such as Excel, SQL and Tableau. These sessions act as a refresher for some in the cohort, and as brand new learning for others which means it is catering for all and we all have a chance to help each other out.
Working closely with my coach has been an absolute highlight as she is helping to shape my development as a data analyst, ensuring that I focus on areas of personal development that will complement my new skills and career aspirations.

Tell us about some of the key learnings and skills your Multiverse apprenticeship has equipped you with that you apply to your role?

Although theory can sometimes feel ‘obvious’, I have found it really beneficial to come in at ground level, learning the basic theory of Data Analytics to understand the processes and principles involved which will help to shape any current and future data projects.

Then there’s the technical skills. A few weeks ago I completed the SQL bootcamp. I’d not even seen SQL before and now I feel a real excitement to start using this wherever I possibly can, as well as a little confidence to go with it. I love SQL.
We’ve been shown how building a project brief, working through the Data Analytics cycle, preparing our data and applying our new technical skills can all combine to better equip us for our day to day roles. We’ve not yet got there yet, but I can well imagine that our portfolio projects are going to be the ‘final picture’ of all this coming together.

How has being a part of the Multiverse Community helped you so far? (any memorable moments etc)

Attending Community events and forcing myself out of my comfort zone to speak up, ask questions, and importantly, share my own knowledge or experience is greatly helping me calm the noise of my imposter syndrome. I’m a very confident person, but for some reason I'm not so confident when sharing my knowledge.

The amount of helpful tips I’ve learned from my cohort, and the wealth of technical knowledge that people in the Community are there ready to share with everyone has encouraged me to provide my own tips and knowledge and to realise that I also know plenty and can help someone out too!

A Multiverse apprenticeship aims to deliver skills of lifelong learning, networking, and opportunities to connect with like-minded individuals. How are you using the Community to help you in your career? 

I try to review the upcoming events each week and sign up for anything which I think will be useful to me. Whether that’s industry specific, a soft skill session or technically oriented.

I am steadily building relationships with a number of individuals in the Community, through our break-out sessions during modules, my 1:1’s and through spotting people I know in Community events where we may then have a common interest. 

Finally, what are your top 3 tips for other Multiverse apprentices?

  1. Throw yourself at it! Get engaged with the Community hub, build a close relationship with your coach and cohort, actively participate in modules, bootcamps and events. All of this will ensure you get the most out of the experience and can learn the most from it - both technically and personally.
  2. Make it personal. You are here to learn for you. Work with your coach to ensure that your goals are aimed at what you need to get out of the programme. That may be improving technical abilities or working on soft skills for your development.
  3. Manage your time. As we are all also working our day jobs, it can seem daunting to try and keep up with the sessions, objectives, assignments and training events. Make sure that you give yourself a realistic amount of time to complete everything you have to as well as joining in with the optional things that you want to. Making sure that your line manager is fully aware of the commitment and fully bought into your participation is invaluable.

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