Could you tell us a little bit about your background, what apprenticeship you are doing & where you work?


So I am Nick and I have been working in the charity sector for eight years now – working at the British Lung Foundation and more recently at ActionAid UK where I have been for nearly five years. I grew up in South London and still live there and have only ever worked in the Clerkenwell/Farringdon area so I obviously like what I know. I am into cycling, ceramics and photography and recently got into making bread – like everyone in lockdown but I was a bit late to the party. I am on the People Leadership Programme and have my final exams at the end of July, having gone through Gateway recently.


So, how do you feel about winning Member of the Month? Can you tell us a bit about your nomination?


It was really unexpected and a lovely thing for my colleague, Marieann, to do. She is also on the People Leadership Programme and I feel like I should have nominated her too. As I work in the Supporter Contact team at ActionAid, the last 18 months or so has been particularly difficult as the angst in the general public has impacted our team. Completing my apprenticeship alongside increased workload had its difficulties but I am certain that applying the learnings from the apprenticeship will really help me going forward. I want to thank Marieann for the nomination and the compassion shown – its truly appreciated and shows what a well-rounded person she is.


The Multiverse Community gives Apprentices the opportunity to build meaningful, social and professional relationships. Have you found the Community has helped you to build your network throughout your Apprenticeship and if so, how?


I am not sure that my network has grown exponentially but I have really enjoyed the talks and the platform that Multiverse has given to so many interesting speakers. Being part of the apprenticeship with Multiverse felt like I had so much knowledge at my fingertips and I really enjoyed getting to know my cohort and learning about them, module by module.


What has been the most rewarding experience you’ve had so far as an apprentice?


Can I pick two? I supervise the team I am in but don’t have any formal line management experience and recently was given the chance to line manage a part-time Officer in my team as a development opportunity. This was down to my participation in the People Leadership Programme so it really is showing its results already. Also, earlier this year, I chose to be a Buddy to someone just starting out in the same course. Giving them advice, that I wish I had when I started in May 2020, felt very worthwhile.  


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