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So you want to be a lawyer: An insight into Graduate Recruitment in City Law.

My name is Olivia Coppin and I am currently completing my Level 4 Project Management Apprenticeship. This is my first blog post aimed at shining a light on my industry; Graduate Recruitment and Development. My current role is at a global law firm, based in London. I have now worked in this sector for four years since completing my law degree. From law student to legal recruiter, it has certainly been interesting stepping across to the other side of the application forms, interviews and networking events to see the mechanics of how the thousands of hopeful applicants transform into the celebrated few.

The world of corporate law is dynamic, intellectually stimulating and rewarding; just a few reasons why it is such a popular career choice for many aspiring individuals. Attracting and recruiting top-calibre candidates in a competitive market means running a dedicated and thorough programme, covering the full spectrum of a prospective applicant’s journey. From introducing the professional world to students at school, to hosting events dedicated to students in higher education, hiring future talent through robust assessment processes and supporting their development throughout their extensive training; the Graduate Recruitment and Development team are responsible for delivering each key milestone and fundamentally bridging the gap between the inner workings of the firm to the outside world of buzzing students. 

At this time of profound change in the way we communicate and interact, it is more important than ever for law firms to find new and innovative ways of conveying their key messages to the student market. This can be through using technology to broaden outreach firms can achieve nationally and internationally and ensuring the experiences and insights on offer are visible and accessible to candidates. A challenge which I enjoy is being part of industry wide changes to the more traditional ways of communicating. The key is highlighting what really makes the firm stand out in the market; is it the quality of training, high-profile deals or the collegiate culture? Regardless of the means, conveying the core values and differentiators will ultimately attract the best and most suitable candidates. What’s more, the traditional pipeline of recruiting is broadening still, with the impending arrival of SQE and a growing number of legal apprenticeships on offer; a longer but hugely rewarding journey to qualification, based on a hybrid of learning and earning without the burden of university debt.

My area of work enables me to be creative, innovative and demands an awareness of the wider legal market; skills which I am constantly developing to enhance the effort of the wider recruitment function. My Project Management Apprenticeship course is supporting my work on the external marketing and events side of my role and I look forward to continuing to apply the useful tools and learning. 

If you would like to find out a bit more about my industry, role or just to connect, please do drop me a message on the community hub. I would love to hear from you!

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