Hey Francesca, congratulations on winning Coach of the Month! Could you tell us a little bit about your background, your career and how you ended up becoming a coach at Multiverse?

Thank you!! My background is not really what I would define a ''traditional'' background. After graduating in Economics in Italy, I won a scholarship at AMDA and moved to New York, where I graduated in Musical Theater. After years of performing on Broadway I decided to drastically change my career. Due to the slight stammer I have, I had to work twice as hard to be able to speak fluently on stage and it was exhausting. With the help of two friends of mine who work as software developers at Google and Citi, I developed my passion for coding. I would code in the mornings and sing in the evenings. I started as a front-end developer, learning HTML, CSS and a little bit of JavaScript, and then I transitioned to SQL and Python, working as a data analyst in New York. I'm grateful that Multiverse and I found each other! 

How do you feel about winning Coach of the Month? Does this nomination remind you of the incredible impact you are having on apprentices' lives and careers?

It surely makes me extremely happy and grateful! I am proud to see what impact we can really have on apprentices and grateful also to Multiverse, for recognising the efforts and work of their employees.  

What do you find the most rewarding elements of being a coach?

Definitely the 1:1s! Besides the sessions where we teach technical skills to apprentices, whose age range from 18 to 55 years, coaches also have monthly 1:1s with their 40+ apprentices. That is the time that I enjoy the most. It's where you can really help them and make a difference on their careers as well as on their lives. 

Another side that I really love about being a Data Coach is witnessing the growth of our apprentices, who start from zero or little knowledge on data and then complete their 15 months fellowship being able to code in Python, SQL, R and to create amazing visualizations on Tableau and PowerBI. That is truly remarkable.

And why would you encourage your apprentices to get involved in the community? Where are your favourite areas of the Community to direct apprentices too and why?

The Community is such an incredible resource for the apprentices. There are so many opportunities within the Community where they can really develop their hard as well as their soft skills, watching past events or attending live sessions.  Every month apprentices can choose what to focus on,, based on their monthly goals and on what they want to accomplish. I actually watch many of those events myself, as I find them so useful.

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