Nabeeda is a Customer Success Manager at Multiverse and host of a Youtube channel focussed on career advice and personal / professional development.

I attended a career event a few years ago where I met some amazing people and I wanted a way to connect with some of these people. I was aware that adding them on Facebook or Twitter was definitely not a thing but I was unsure of how I should be contacting them. 
That's when one of the recruiters told me about LinkedIn. On 20th October 2014, I joined LinkedIn. 

Check out Nabeeda's 'Top 5 LinkedIn profile tips!' video below:


LinkedIn is a professional social media and you get a lot out of it if you use it correctly. From finding your next job to learning a new skill. LinkedIn is multi-purpose and I will share my tips on how to maximise this platform. 

  • Create an amazing profile. Add all the frills and thrills on that profile. All your work experiences, all your skills, qualifications. Everything should be on that profile along with a professional photo. Show people what’s on offer. 
  • Connect with people. If you have an industry/sector in mind then add people from there. Every time you send a request add a little personalised message. People love that and it encourages them to message you once you have connected.
  • Join groups. This is the most under utilised function on LinkedIn. But there is a group for everything so find one that fits your niche and join it. It will help you network, meet new people and learn new trends in that area.
  • Be active - Post on LinkedIn at least once a week. This could be an update or sharing your thoughts on an article or asking questions on a particular topic. The more you share, the more comfortable you become. Additionally, it also starts establishing you as a thought leader or a go-to person for specific topics. 
  • Engage. Engage. Engage. Engage with other people’s content. Like, comment and share your thoughts. This will encourage other people to engage with your posts. The more you give the more you get back. 
  • Connection requests- I tend to add most people but be careful of any bots or strange accounts as they won’t add any value and may actually impact the quality of the posts that appear on your feed. 
  • Be professional - LinkedIn is a PROFESSIONAL platform. Don’t swear, don’t add unnecessary selfies and don’t do anything you wouldn’t want a potential employer to see. If you see someone being rude, unprofessional towards you then feel free to report them. 
  • BE YOU. A lot of time people think to be on LinkedIn they have to create a different persona. That is untrue. Be yourself, have fun and be creative with it. You would want your future employer to take you for who you are. As long as you are being respectful of people then go do you.

LinkedIn can feel like a scary world. Set aside 10 minutes every day to look through LinkedIn and with time you will feel comfortable and find a space for yourself.

To get started on LinkedIn watch our 'LinkedIn for Beginners Event' hosted by Project Management Coach, Anna-Line Massot for even more hints and tips!


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