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My name is Kenya Young-Denton. I’m currently completing a Level 3 Digital Marketing Apprenticeship at Barnet Council, within the Public Health Directorate. This is not my first rodeo with apprenticeships, as I have completed a Level 2 Business Administration Apprenticeship at Enfield Council. I am the first in my family to try the alternative of apprenticeships, rather than going to the conventional routes of higher education like A Levels and University. It was a big choice at the age of 18 to make as the A Levels I was completing just was not for me. Also, as a young black woman, I did not know what was out there for me that I would both like and enjoy. It was hard breaking the news to my mum (who is a second-generation Jamaican born in the UK) as she always wanted me to go University like she did, and always envisaged me collecting my diploma at my university and getting a job with the degree. After a lengthy discussion on apprenticeships, outlining the process and what I could do with my qualification after I had completed it, both my mum and I agreed that it was the right decision to make. When I undertook my Level 2 Business Administration Apprenticeship, I was placed in the Compliance Team in the Housing Sector for Enfield Council. This was my first exposure to a corporate office setting with Managers, Directors and Council Leaders and I was a Co-Chair Events Coordinator for the Young Professionals Network as well. Even though my role mainly involved me looking at spreadsheets and calling residents to schedule appointments, I had the need to be more creative. So, I decided that my next apprenticeship would be more creative in the sense that I have more freedom to manage my projects, I can experiment with more digital tools and I can showcase my talent. 

I had made my Multiverse (Previously Whitehat when I started it) profile and decided to start looking for Digital Marketing Apprenticeships currently available. I completed the Fundamentals Of Digital Marketing provided by Google and began to apply. My current role was posted on the Multiverse platform and I applied for it. I got an interview the same week and got the job the same day of the interview. My manager said that she was delighted with the way I knew the job description inside out, and my excitement in joining the team with my ideas on promoting Public Health in Barnet. Now fast forward to the present, where I’m 5 months into my Digital Marketing Apprenticeship and I’m redesigning the One You Barnet Microsite, assisting the creation of posts on Barnet Council’s Twitter and Facebook and editing the Barnet Council Website for campaigns such as Stoptober. I can certainly say I’m Proud to be Me.


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