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Hey Harrison! Congratulations on winning Member of the Month - could you tell us a little bit about your background, what apprenticeship you are doing & where you work?

Hi all, I’m Harrison. I am a huge fan of apprenticeships and made it my goal when I turned 17 to be a part of one, now after 3 years later I was given the opportunity to start an apprenticeship at NHS England and Improvement. I really want to inspire young people to start their careers through apprenticeships, not just by the traditional University route.  I have been an Analytical Apprentice At NHS England & Improvement based in London for the last 7 months, the apprenticeship course I am on is the Level 4 Data fellowship course covering a vast amount of different tools and pieces of software relating to data.

So, how do you feel about winning Member of the Month? Can you tell us a bit about your nomination? E.g who you were nominated by and why?

I was nominated by Harriet Oliver for the apprenticeship talk I did at my local and previous college. This talk was really important to me as I would be returning to my previous subject area of Level 3 BTEC Computing with the 2nd year students, they would frequently bring in ex-students to talk about their careers and how they used the course to improve themselves.

I was really inspired by these talks and as they helped me achieve my goals of becoming an apprentice. When I was offered a chance to talk with the classes of students I wanted to offer something different and more inspiring than I had seen before. I created a slide pack giving my advice for the college year ahead, details on apprenticeships, why and how to get an apprenticeship and showing off specific details of my course with Mulitverse. I felt this was really key to be realistic with the students as I discussed the struggles I had as a student and the difficulties I had searching for apprenticeships.

On the day the 1 hour long talks for each of the 3 classes went fantastically, I really got the feeling that I had inspired and changed some of the opinions in the rooms on the day. Many of the students loved the fact that I made the talk about them and their futures. It was really important that I got feedback from other apprentices at NHS England and Improvement to help develop the slides and make them focus on the students' futures. The resources I also was supplied by Muliverse were really helpful, detailing the process of applications and the length of the apprentice schemes.

I am delighted that I have been awarded Member of the Month, it really is an honour and something I would have never expected to happen. It really wouldn’t have been possible to achieve this award without the support from my fellow NHS England and Improvement colleges giving me consistent support and opportunities for development. A massive shout-out to my coach Josh as well as he has been an outstanding coach who has helped me develop as an apprentice and given me the confidence and support to help me develop my future career.

The Multiverse Community gives Apprentices the opportunity to build meaningful, social and professional relationships. Have you found the Community has helped you to build your network throughout your Apprenticeship and if so, how?

I think the Multiverse community is a really great tool for networking with other apprentices outside of your company. I would highly recommend using the platform if you want to develop some of your skills further. The platform is great for getting advice from people you wouldn’t normally interact with and lets you go out of your comfort zone.

Everybody who is a part of the Multiverse community is really helpful and supportive so I would highly recommend using the platform more if you are in need of support or any advice.

What has been the most rewarding experience you’ve had so far as an apprentice?

The most rewarding experience I have had so far has been being a part of NHS England and Improvement. The impact of analysis is really important to me, making sure that the work that I do is really having an effect on patients and improving the wellbeing of those patients. I have had the opportunity to be a part of many different pieces of work which have all had positive impacts, when I first started at the NHS I was given the opportunity to work with the covid modelling team. This really was an amazing first project to be a part of as I have seen a lot of the analysis and modelling which really has had an impact on patients which was the main reason I wanted to be a part of the NHS in the first place. 

There really are too many pieces of work to mention here but I'm really proud of all the work that I have been a part of as they all impact people's lives which is a really rewarding experience. For similar reasons I wanted to give my advice for the students on their futures. Having an impact is really something this apprenticeship has given me which I'm forever grateful for.

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